Hand Sanitiser - 60ml Pocket Sized x 100

** IN STOCK and ready to ship! Government and sport compliant. Fast-drying hand sanitiser gel in handy pocket size for officials, coaches and volunteers. Heavily discounted for Aussie sport. • Available in boxes of 100 • Enquire for bulk quantities • Kills 99.99% of germs without water • Antibacterial • 75% alcohol • Aloevera gel NOTE: Sanitiser gels are more appropriate for sporting applications (vs liquid sanitisers) due to their controlled dispensing. Liquid sanitisers perform the same function as gels, but are more likely to spray onto courts / playing field during use. NEED A BULK ORDER? We can have adequate supply capacity and can provide ANY quantities for delivery withinn 30-35 days. Plan ahead for HUGE savings. For quantities of 5K+ discounted rates apply. SKU: RTS036

100 per box
$248.00 ex GST