Got a bad case of the Mondays? Every damn day? If work sucks, you’re doing it wrong!
We won’t get too cheesy-inspirational-Insta-post on you, but you deserve to be doing something you enjoy.

The vibe at SKOOP

Team culture is incredibly important to us; we value it above all else. Our systems, solutions and client offering are genuinely great, but people are the heart and soul that makes SKOOP truly special. Our relentless drive to 'make it easy' for our clients, coupled with a constant pursuit of excellence and thirst for learning results in oodles of challenge, success and the fulfilment that comes with both.

Key values we embrace include positivity, smart communication, teamwork, discipline, continuous learning, objectivity and fun for the sake of fun.

The must haves and have nots

It's essential that you…

  • Are friendly. It’s cool to be kind and jerks need not apply.
  • Are disciplined and hard working.
  • Work AMAZINGLY well in a team environment, but can also rock it solo.
  • Have an open mind, refuse mediocrity and challenge convention.
  • Are emotionally intelligent.
  • Have a positive disposition about work and life.

It's cool if you...

  • Have life perspective. We don’t do petty, nor drama.
  • Like to laugh and make others laugh. We like funny.
  • Can handle moderately stressful situations from time to time.
  • Have a big ol’ network of best mates who need HEAPS of print work done.
  • Know when a phone call is more appropriate than an email.
  • Know when an email is more appropriate than a phone call.
  • Are tech savvy and can use one of those whiz-bang Apple computers.
  • Can touch-type at more than 50wpm (office champion = 92wpm and yes, there is a trophy!).

Not great if you...

  • Are negative, pessimistic, a sooky-la-la or a serial complainer.
  • Steal office stuff like pens, toilet paper or other people’s lunches.
  • Are temperamental (poise FTW).
  • Have no manners.
  • Think clients are idiots for not being 100% perfect.
  • Can't read a calendar or tell the time.

Does this sound like you?

Whether or not we have a role up for grabs, you're always welcome to get in touch with us. If you're an amazing human being who'd be a perfect fit for our team, we might even create a position for you. We've done it many times before!

Introduce yourself by sending a legit, heartfelt cover letter, accompanied by your resume/CV straight to our Unconventional Managing Director, Jon McCluskey. We hope it goes without saying, cover letter is king.

It starts with a chat. And ends with print-made-easy-magic!
It starts with a chat. And ends with print-made-easy-magic!

03 8370 1200

Prefer email? No sweat! Drop us a note below.