SMS4dads Promotional Flyer

There’s not a lot out there that speaks directly to dads. PANDA partners with SMS4dads to increase awareness of additional services for dads, and to offer support via the PANDA Helpline when they need it. This flyer is designed for health professionals and community to promote SMS4Dads and encourage dads to sign up. Flyers come in bundles of 25. About SMS4dads: SMS4dads supports men in their role as fathers and increases awareness of their influence on baby’s brain development. SMS4dads helps fathers understand and connect with their baby and partner. It also checks in on their wellbeing and offers professional support if needed. SMS4dads is FREE. It provides info related to the age and stage of your baby. It’s the info you need – when you need it, how you need it – straight to your phone.

25 per pack